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Have you not heard of Patreon? In a nutshell, it is a way for creators to have their fans and supporters contribute towards their goals.

In my case, I have setup a Patreon page where people that love watching my videos can pledge as little as 5 bucks a month. Initially, this will help with general expenses associated with making my videos; particularly fueling the boat.

Longer term, if I get a really good response through Patreon I will be able to spend more time making more fishing videos and of higher quality.

This is the link to my Patreon Page –

Patreon FAQs

  • You’re asking for money? Really? Well, yes I am. But it is 100% voluntary. Anyone that enjoys watching my videos for free on my YouTube Channel or my Facebook Page or my website will continue to do so, free of charge. As usual.
  • So why should I flick you $5 a month? Which category do you fit in?
    1.) Have you just stumbled across my videos and watch a few here and there. You reckon they are good, but they don’t overly excite you. OR
    2.) Do you actually get excited when you see I’ve posted a new video? Do you feel like you’re on the boat with me?If you fit into CATEGORY 2, then you are who I am pitching Patreon at.
  • I am in category 2. What do I get in return? Patreon has a facility for me to setup level based “rewards.” For example, the base Patron will flick me $5 a month and they get a big high-five from me and a thank you. If you step up to higher teirs of support, then you get a higher level of “reward.”

    For example, I have setup a $25 teir where I plan on inviting all the Patrons in this tier out for beers at a pub one afternoon a month.

    It’s all a bit of a work in progress. I want to treat all Patrons as VIP’s. Via my Patreon page I am also able to upload exclusive PATRON ONLY CONTENT. Where only Patrons are able to view these posts (which could be text, photos or videos).

    If it goes well, I think a “behind the scenes” series of videos might be a good option for Patron Only Content. You would get to know me better and see how I make videos and create episodes etc.

  • Can I OPT-OUT at any time? YES! You are in control.  Just login to your Patron account and choose to stop supporting me as a Patron. No hard feelings, I swear!
  • Where does the money go? Patreon take a small percentage and the majority of your pledge goes straight into my PayPal account. It happens at the start of every month.

Become a Patron!


Potential Sponsor Info

Despite the laid back nature of the show a lot of time, effort and money go into it’s production.

  • Have you enjoyed watching some episodes of NT Fishing Adventures?
  • Do you work for, or know someone who has a business aligned with the Fishing and/or Outdoors industry?
  • Then why not contact me?
  • I am always interested in having a chat about sponsorship options. Weather it’s a one-off product review, or an ongoing business relations ship.







Become a Patron!

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