A little about me.

The Northern Territory lifestyle suits me perfect. I’d consider myself a fairly average bloke. I like to go fishing, have beers with the boys and most of the time I video my adventures.

My name is Mikey Cunningham and I am a one man TV production crew. I do all the filming, presenting, editing and publishing myself.

I reckon my fishing abilities are fairly average, but I am a keen fisho. I’m the clumsiest person I know, I get frustrated easily and seasick even easier.

Northern Territory Based.

It’s NT only. My missus and I have lived in the NT for about 7 years. It’s got to be one of the most amazing places on earth. We’ve recently moved to Darwin from out bush near Borroloola (Gulf Country) to start a family. We were living at King Ash Bay Fishing Club on the McArthur River when I started producing fishing videos under the name “NT Fishing Adventures” and I know the region quite well.

The move to Darwin opens up a whole new range of epic fishing locations for me to explore. Both locally in Darwin Harbour, and also slightly further to places like Dundee, the Adelaide River and the Daly River just to mention a few.

About NT Fishing Adventures.

I upload videos as often as possible. It depends on how good the fishing has been. Viewers can watch “NT Fishing Adventures” for free on Facebook and YouTube. It’s not a glamorous, well polished show. It’s far more down-to-earth and real-life.

So why another Fishing show?

Well perhaps the best way to answer this is to tell you a little bit about myself.

My name is Mikey Cunningham and I lived on the banks of the McArthur River in the Northern Territory for about 5 years. Every year TV shows would come to the region to make episodes. I would see small budget shows and even a big budget international show that airs on Animal Planet (River Monsters) came to make an episode. What dawned on me was that all these people are traveling from far and wide to get here. And spending big bucks just to arrive here. This is a special place and fishermen from all over Australia dream of coming here.

But I live here.

The only people that don’t live here is EVERYONE ELSE who WISH THEY DID. For every person out there traveling around Australia getting amongst it, there is a hundred stuck at home dreaming of it.

In a true light-bulb moment, I realized the advantage this gives me over other shows. I can throw my camera gear in the boat and be in the water at a moment’s notice.

While we’re still talking about me, I should mention this isn’t my first rodeo. I come from a film & TV background. In our previous life, my wife Jazz and I had a successful multimedia company on the Gold Coast. One of the things we did there was make TV shows. We had a lifestyle show (that included a weekly fishing segment) that aired on NBN Gold Coast. And we had a cooking show that aired nationally on Foxtel.

Getting back behind, and in front of the camera has been exciting. I forgot how much I enjoyed working with video.

I hope you enjoy my videos.

Mikey Cunningham

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