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VIDEO REVIEW: Nomad Design Minnow

The Nomad Design Tackle’s DTX Minnow. The biggest lure I’ve ever used at 200mm long. It was also the most expensive, at $50 each!

I head out offshore to see if I can lure in a big Spanish Mackerel. A beautiful lure, but sadly it’s gone now. Taken by a big Spaniard.

Although it cost me $50, you could see that it was a very high quality lure. Very strong hardware and hooks. It had two single hooks on it, one around the middle hanging down and one that hung off the back. Not like the Barramundi lures I usually buy that have trebles.

This review video was shot while my mate Dylan and I were out fishing an offshore gas rig 60km from Darwin. See the video from our trip here:

VIDEO: Darwin offshore gas rig fishing. The Stena Clyde.



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