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VLOG: My Boat Flanders

It’s about time I introduced you to my boat “Flanders.” In this video I show you around my boat and a little bit about where I live.

My boat is powered by an Evinrude Etec, and I also give you my opinion on Etec’s.

It is not unreasonable for someone to own 3 boats in the Northern Territory. Especially someone who is really keen on their fishing. I own one boat “Flanders” and I reckon she is a pretty good “all rounder.”

In a perfect world I would own three boats:

  1. A small roof topper: Something small that I could still take camping with me while towing the camper trailer. It would be suitable for fishing the small creeks and billabongs.
  2. A medium size tinny: Something about the size of Flanders. It’s a boat that’s big enough to go outside fishing on a day when the weather is good, but still small enough to be cheap to run and can get up some small creeks.
  3. A bigger tinny: Something 6 metres or above. This boat I would take when I want to have a big fishing trip outside around the islands. It’s something I could comfortably roll out a swag in and camp the night in it too.

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