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VIDEO: 4 Night King Ash Bay Fishing Trip

Our first road trip with baby Artie.

It is 1,000km drove each way. We wanted to go visit King Ash Bay Fishing Club (near Borroloola) for a few days. We used to live at King Ash Bay for about 5 years. I have to say, it still feels like home.

There is always the danger when going back to places that you love that things wont be as good as you remember. But King Ash Bay was as good as ever for this trip.


We split the big drive down to the Gulf of Carpentaria into 2 days. The halfway point is somewhere near Daly Waters, so we pulled up stumps for the day at Hi Way Inn.

Day 2

The second half of the drive takes us along the Carpentaria Highway. It’s a single lane road for a few hundred kilometers. Definitely need to move over when you see road trains coming at you. We arrived at King Ash Bay Fishing Club mid afternoon and made ourselves at home at the King Ash Bay Lodge where we stayed for the visit. We visited the bar that night and introduced baby Artie to everyone we know there.

Day 3

A land based fishing trip to one of my favourite spots in the world. We caught a few Barra. The first time baby Artie had ever been fishing, so it was a pretty special experience for me to show him his first Barramundi.

Day 4

Another land based fishing trip. More Barra caught. This was just a boys trip with my mates Ash and Bullfrog. I got to test out a new rod and reel I had bought for the trip. I ended up hooking up to a monster Barramundi but the bugger busted off at the leader. I still managed to get some good footage of the big girl doing some acrobatics.

We finished the day off with a cool dip in a waterhole and a BBQ.

Day 5

The big drive home. We did the whole trip one in one day. Big drive, but good to get back home.

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