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Best Barramundi Fishing Lures

I wont spend too much time writing about this, becauae I have already made a good video on the Best Barramundi Fishing Lures. Lures are all about personal opinion and Barramundi will take almost any lures under the right conditions.

If I’m flicking lures, I like to use soft vibe fishing lures. They are cheap and easy to use. If I am trolling, I prefer to use hard bodied lures.

There are two videos that I would like to show you. One is where I show you in detail some of the lures that I think are the best for Barramundi Fishing.

In the other video I want to introduce you to a different style of lure not mentioned in the first lure. I had not used it before when I made the fisrt video. But I now think that the soft shrimp / prawn lure might just be my favourite / best lure for Barramundi Fishing.

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