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Best Tackle & Gear for Barramundi Fishing

Barramundi are tough fish, and they can grow very big. The worst thing in the world that can happen is if you hookup to the-big-one that you’ve been searching for and not have the right tackle and gear to back you up and land the fish.

When choosing the best tackle and gear for Barramundi fishing, you don’t always need to spend big bucks. The rods and reels I own and use for Barramundi fishing are quite expensive, but it wasn’t necessary to buy such high quality rods and reels.

For this short article, I want to tell you about the two things that I think are the most important when considering tackle & gear when fishing for Barra.

This is your line and your hooks.

The line includes your braid and your leader. The most frustrating thing to happen when fishing for Barra is hooking up to a fish but not being able to land it. I like to use 30 pound braid on my trolling rods and 50 pound braid on my bait fishing rods. I use the 50 pound braided fishing line on the bait rods because a lot of the time I will be fishing around snags. Make sure to buy a good quality braid. I’ve lost loads of fish to poor quality braid.

Next we will consider your leader. I use 80 pound leader on my live bait rods. And 60 pound leader on my trolling rods. Once again, buy good quality leader.

Now that your line is sorted, the next thing we need to consider for the best tackle and gear for Barramundi Fishing is the hooks. I’m going to let Ryan Moody explain this one for you. I watched this video by Ryan Moody about circle hooks and that is all I ever use now for Barramundi Fishing.

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