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Best Bait to Catch Barramundi

No matter where you are fishing for Barramundi in Australia, if you are using life bait, then there is a universal standard for the best bait.

The best bait to catch Barramundi is live mullet.

Live baits are very productive when Barramundi Fishing because they put an injured fish under the nose of the Barra.

And why mullet? They are tough. When throwing the cast net, you will catch herring and prawns as well as mullet. And I use all 3. But by far the best bair to catch Barramundi is live mullet. They will stay alive on the hook for a long time. Herring and prawns die easily and come off the hook easy.

Something that might help you catch your own live bait is a little video I made on how to throw a cast net.

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