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Best Tips to Catch More Barramundi

This is an easy question to answer for someone who has caught plenty of Barra before.

The answer is PERSISTENCE.

But persistence is only useful if you are putting yourself in the right places in the right conditions.

For a novice fisherman who is looking to catch more Barramundi, you need to try and tick as many boxes as you can when choosing a spot for fishing.

– Are you fishing on an appropriate tide? Read my article on Best Barramundi Tides.
– Are you fishing in a suitable location? Read my article on Best Places for Barramundi Fishing.
– What bait or lures are you using? Read my articles on Best Barra Lures and Best Barra Baits.
– Is your gear suitable? Read my article on Best Barra Fishing Gear.

If you have ticked all those boxes, then the best tip to catching more Barramundi is PERSISTENCE. If you are doing everything right, then you will catch more Barramundi.

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