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Best Places to Catch Barramundi

Found all along the top of Australia in warmer waters, Barramundi are the iconic fish of Northern Australia. Barramundi live in both fresh water and salt water. Fishermen target Barramundi in coastal rivers and creeks as well as inland ponds, billabongs and impoundment dams. Often dams are stocked with Barramundi because they won’t breed in impoindments.

In this article I want be very specific and explain some of the best places to catch Barramundi. My expertise is in fishing for Barramundi in coastal rivers and creeks.

I am aiming this informaion at people that are looking to catch their first ever Barramundi. It’s very common for me to be out fishing in my boat and see other boats anchored up for the whole day in some very unusual places where they are not likely to catch fish. You can tell straight away that they are not local to the area and lack that local knowledge. Follow some of my tips and we will get you on to some good fishing, particulartly Barra.

Where I live on the McArthur River in the Gulf of Carpentaria, you can catch Barramundi anywhere. But, the best place to catch Barramundi is if you head down towards the mouth of the river or any of the creeks that meet the Gulf.

If you want to fish with live bait, search for a small creek or gutter that has water coming out of it and fish in the mouth of it. As water comes out of the creek, so does baitfish and prawns etc. Barramundi will be sitting outside the creek or gutter waiting to ambush the bait.

If you send your live bait into the ambush area, the Barramundi and other fish will not be able to resist the injured live bait.

If there are snags out the front of the creek or gutter, then that is another bonus that will make the spot even more appealing. Snags provide shelter for both the fish you are targetting, and the bait that they are there feeding on. So it gives a reason for Barra to be there. That’s what I always think of when choosing a spot to go fishing at. Is there a reason for Barramundi to be here?

I hope this helps you in finding some of the best places to catch Barramundi.

In the following video I explain near the start about fishing around snags and why it’s some of the best places for Barramundi Fishing.

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