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Best Time to Catch Barramundi

When considering the best time to catch Barramundi, there are several different meanings it could take:

– What is the best time of day to catch Barramundi?
– What is the best time of the tide to catch Barramundi?
– What is the best time of year to catch Barramundi?

Let me answer all 3.

Barramundi can be caught all day and all night. However the best time of day to catch Barramundi is always early in the morning and late in the evening. But I wouldn’t stress over the time of day too much. As I said, Barra can be caught fishing any time of day.

The best time of the tide to catch Barramundi I find to be the runout tide. Although I’ve caught Barra on every time of the tide, both run in and run out. I like the runout tide because bait is easier to find because they have been forced to come out of their little creeks and mangroves they have been hiding in.

Barramundi can be caught while fishing any time of year. But the best time of year to catch Barramundi is most definitely the warmer months. In the Northern Territory we have a wet season, and a dry season.

The wet season is hot.

Before the start of the wet season we have a period of time we call “the buildup.” It’s when the weather warms up, which warms the water up. The buildup is the best time for Barra fishing because you’re not likely to get days of rain like during the wet season.

Another time to consider is at the end of the wet season a time we call “the runoff.” At the end of the wet there is loads of water running off enormous wetlands into coastal creeks. It’s a sensational time for Barramundi Fishing but can be hard to access some of these areas because of flooding and muddy roads.

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