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Catch and Cook NT Blue Swimmer Crab

I hope you enjoy this Catch n Cook Blue Swimmer Crab, Northern Territory Style episode.

Fishing location: Darwin Harbour, launched from Dinah Beach boat ramp right near Darwin city, Northern Territory (NT).
Fishing plan: Throw in the 2 small crab pots, then go fishing for Barramundi or other desirable fish to catch and cook. (Preferably no sharks)
Cooking plan: Use my roaster/smoker back at home to cook smoked crab.

I have been wanting to do a catch and cook episode for a while now, but have actually been strugling to catch something worth cooking.

While fishing I threw in 2 small crab pots. After a couple of hours I came back and checked the pots and was lucky enough to have caught a couple of Blue Swimmer Crabs.

As you will see in the fishing video, I cooked the Blue Swimmer Crabs on a roaster/smoker. So the end result you probably wouldn’t call “smoked crab” but more of a cooked crab with a sublte smoky flavour.

My arch nemisis make a few apearances … of course I am talking about sharks.

With my fishing, I went back to basics. Fishing with live bait is something I havent done in quite a while, so I thought I should give it a go. And this resulted in me catching nothing but sharks on my fishing lines.

It would be a great success if I was “shark fishing”, but sadly I was targeting Barramundi or many other desirable fish.

If you enjoy this Catch and Cook Blue Swimmer Crab video, then let me know. I quite enjoyed cooking crabs and it’s something I would like to do more often if you guys enjoy it.

Thanks for watching!

Mikey Cunningham

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