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VIDEO: Shady Camp Barrage

This video is a bit of an ANZAC Day special.

After moving to Darwin only a few months ago, I haven’t really done much exploring. There are so many places I have heard of but don’t really have any idea where they are.

Shady Camp Barrage was one of these places and it was my first trip there.

The road into Shady Camp becomes impassable during the wet season. And earlier this year I had seen some videos of cars getting bogged everywhere. But the trip for me was just perfect. The last 20km or so of the trip into the Shady Camp Barrage is a dirt road, which was in very good condition when I drove in. You could see where cars had been bogged earlier in the year, but the road had been repaired and loads of rock had been dumped on the road to lift it up a bit.

Once I arrived there, the first thing I noticed is that it’s a very picturesque spot.

The tide was very low and there was almost no water below the barrage. By the time I left, the tide was so high, it was almost pushing back up over the barrage.

As far as the fishing went, it is a spot that is notorious for small Barramundi. And I caught plenty of them.

It’s also a spot that has lots of Crocodiles. Supposedly as many as 15 Crocodiles per kilometre!! That’s the highest concentration of crocs in the Southern Hemisphere. I didn’t see a single one there, which is a bit scary. Because they definitely would have been there hiding. Since posting this video I have had several people send me photos of monster Crocodiles sitting on the Shady Camp Barrage, right where I was standing fishing.

The other aspect to this video is ANZAC Day. I shot the video the day before on the 24th April because I really wanted to make a video to upload on ANZAC Day. Like loads of others, ANZAC Day is a very special day to me and I take some time out during the middle of the video to tell you why.



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