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What is it? (World’s ugliest fish!)

UPDATE: It’s a 3 SPINED FROGFISH. Thank you to those who were able to identify the fish for me on my YouTube Channel.

In this episode I go fishing not far from Darwin at Leaders Creek. The boat ramp is located at Leaders Creek Fishing Base. It is a public ramp and is free to use. HOWEVER, Leaders Creek Fishing Base offers secure parking services. It will cost you 20 bucks for the day, but in my mind this is money well spent while you are out fishing for the day.

They will take down your name, rego, ask where you will be fishing for the day and approximately when you will be back. That way if you do run into trouble and are overdue to return then they can alert authorities with all the information.

Anyway, back to the fishing and the video. It was not the best day out. I was targeting Barramundi, but didn’t manage to catch one for the day. What I did manage to catch was the ugliest looking fish I have ever seen. In a crab pot too!

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