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VIDEO: Fishing in Darwin Harbour

My first trip ever fishing out from Darwin. It was a lot different to what I am used to, fishing in the Gulf of Carpentaria. For one, the tides in Darwin are HUGE! And two, there are ships, wharfs and all kinds of things going on in Darwin Harbour. Nothing like the McArthur River.

On the day we caught about eleventy million Trevally. Trevally were not the target species, but still good fun fishing.

It was my mate Dylan who I went fishing with. He was living in Borroloola at the time and I was living in King Ash Bay about 40 minutes away. So it was pretty crazy for us both to be in Darwin at the same time 1,000km away from home. It wasn’t planned that way. Dylan towed his boat up from Borroloola, and it was his first time fishing from Darwin too.

Dylan and I went on another trip a couple of days later too, out to the gas rig. The “Stena Clyde.”

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